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About me

Plant Activist that sits and listens instead of standing and raising a fist

My name is Daniel De Marco, I was born on Kabi Kabi country (Noosa Area), Grew up in Meanjin (Turrbul Country) and am honored to have been given the knowledge I have of the country. My love for nature began as a child, always out and about getting dirty and learning the fun way. Now I am teaching people how to have fun in nature and be a kid again. 

 I love meeting new people and teaching everyone a new perspective on things.

Always learning and growing and finding new spots to adventure, I have a vast local knowledge of the sunshine coast area with many secret spots. 

I have asked permission of my elders to go ahead with this venture and they have given me their blessings.


A shift in perspective is all this planet needs to get out of these dark times.


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